Leaning Into the (Tuscan) Light

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I spent ten glorious days in October making art in a beautiful and secluded medieval Tuscan village called Benabbio at the 11-room Villa San Rocco. The time was filled with creating, exploring and pushing personal artistic boundaries while also learning some new apps -- Leonardo and Hipstamitc -- that I've now incorporated into my regular repertoire. Special thanks to Suzi McGregor who taught the workshop and our hosts Carol Panero-Smith and James Hajicek of Alchemy Studio! Each day began with Carol's delightful version of yoga, and ended with her cooking in the Tuscan tradition using fresh local ingredients. Did I mention we also enjoyed a bit of local wine? The area was as authentic as it comes, filled with history that the knowledgeable villa owner Johnny Beacon entertainingly shared. The workshop title "Leaning into the Light" proved perfect ... there is something different, warm, and fabulous about Tuscan light.