My work broaches a wide variety of subjects but at its core is about emotion and my journey toward understanding personal situations and experiences. We become richer through life’s journey - unconsciously picking up bits and pieces of all we encounter and weaving them into our very being. For better or worse, the millions of choices we make in life transform the person we become, essentially, we are the sum of our hopes and dreams and all that has come before.

     Similarly, my work is created through thoughtful and extensive layering of seemingly random imagery, texture, and color. I’m drawn to the details in a persons face that map their past and the intricacies found in flora of all kinds, so my art generally incorporates these affections.  I begin with an idea but allow myself the freedom to explore the unexpected nuances that occur, the final result presented by how I respond to each mark or image. I’m fascinated with the idea that this process mimics the way our personal experiences layer one upon the other resulting in a completely unique individual. Working this way is a hunger, sometimes an escape, but always, always a pleasure.