works recognized in the MPA's

The 7th Annual Mobile Photography Awards were announced and among the many fine selections were two of my works. "Separated At Birth" and "Eternal 22" received honorable mentions in the Visual FX and Macro categories. The MPA's as they're called, were founded in 2011 and are the world's longest running international competition for mobile photography and art. I began creating work using mobile devices in late 2012 and have been recognized by the MPA's all but one year since 2013. You should take a few minutes to see the other fabulous images selected in the link above!

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"And Then" debuts in texas

A Smith Gallery is presenting a very unique show titled Being Set Free in which artists evolved their photographic artworks around physical/emotional healing goals or subjects – setting oneself free from limitations, grief, disease, loneliness, encumbrances, disappointment, all common experiences of the human condition. Additionally, the artists were asked to further the viewer's experience with a written element to accompany the project. 

My submission included five images from a recent series titled "And Then" which explores the journey through grief one embarks upon losing a loved one. Three of these images and the accompanying poem will be shown in the upcoming exhibition juried by Karen Divine, Melanie Walker, Amanda Smith, Diana Perkins and Kevin Tully. If you're unable to attend the show in person, you can enjoy the show here

A Smith Gallery
103 North Nugent Avenue, Johnson City TX
February 23 to April 15, 2018
Receptions: February 24 and March 31 / 4-8 pm

©2018 Bobbi McMurry

©2018 Bobbi McMurry


Getting my hands dirty!

I've been enjoying the fact that I pulled some of my traditional art supplies out and have been pushing myself in some new directions. This is a mobile art piece from my most recent series "And Then". It's been mounted to a 30 x 40" cradled board sanded, scraped, painted, and drawn into using a variety of mediums. Once I was satisfied with this mixed media "base layer", I began working it with encaustic wax, encaustic paint and oil sticks. Working with the wax can be a bit tricky and very physical on a piece of this size - but I've fallen in love and will be doing many more pieces in this manner. The luminescence and three-dimensionality created in the layers of wax create both a tactile and visual depth thats very inviting. I look forward to working this way some more!

© 2018 Bobbi McMurry

© 2018 Bobbi McMurry


New Work


"Hope rises like a Phoenix from the ashes of shattered dreams." - S.A. Sachs



Leaning Into the (Tuscan) Light

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I spent ten glorious days in October making art in a beautiful and secluded medieval Tuscan village called Benabbio at the 11-room Villa San Rocco. The time was filled with creating, exploring and pushing personal artistic boundaries while also learning some new apps -- Leonardo and Hipstamitc -- that I've now incorporated into my regular repertoire. Special thanks to Suzi McGregor who taught the workshop and our hosts Carol Panero-Smith and James Hajicek of Alchemy Studio! Each day began with Carol's delightful version of yoga, and ended with her cooking in the Tuscan tradition using fresh local ingredients. Did I mention we also enjoyed a bit of local wine? The area was as authentic as it comes, filled with history that the knowledgeable villa owner Johnny Beacon entertainingly shared. The workshop title "Leaning into the Light" proved perfect ... there is something different, warm, and fabulous about Tuscan light.


"Beginning to Understand" receives Honorable Mention

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"These images reveal the spirit of those who are open to embracing a new art form and those who are willing to push the limits of photography." - Karen Divine   The PhotoPlace Gallery presented a show called iPhone Imagery in both their street side and online galleries in Middlebury, Vermont. Juried by one of my favorite artists, Karen Divine, Beginning to Understand and I Feel You Move were both selected from among artists working from all corners of the globe. These two pieces are part of a series inspired by my reluctance to let my kids go as they reach adulthood. I'm a very proud mother, but I wish I could hold my three boys close ... forever!


"Adam" and "Eve" invited to Cut it out; an all collage show

Blog Adam and Eve.jpg

Held at the Revolution Art Gallery in Buffalo, NY, this exhibition features 13 collage artist working in both traditional cut-paper and digital collage. Two of my favorite pieces; Adam and Eve, are included in this show of provacative works imbued with dark beauty, emotion, and mystery. Curated by Maria Pabico LaRotonda, Jul - August 2017, works on sale thru January 2018.


Eternal series selected for "abstraction of the ordinary" exhibition

Ordinary Abstractions 2.jpg

This exhibit showcased nine international artist presenting a new perspective: a new life to the ordinary by shifting the point of view and introducing a world of abstraction. Curated and presented by ArtPonte New York, the juried show of photography and cross-disciplinary techniques encouraged it's viewers to question their impressions of the ordinary. Three works from my Eternal series were selected for this show at the Van Kossens gallery in the heart of New York city . June 8 - July 8, 2017


eternal series recognized in moscow

MIFA meme.jpg

"Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best that you are capable of becoming." John Wooden  The Moscow International Foto Awards is an annual competition whose mission is to recognize, reward and expose talented photographers from around the world and introduce them to the creative community is Russia. With thousand of entries, I'm proud to say that the 28 distinguished photography professionals recognized my ongoing series "Eternal" with an Honorable Mention.


Julia margaret cameron awards finalist!


"There are some things you can only learn in a storm." Unknown  Being Set Free is a series based upon my personal exploration of self-imposed barriers to becoming who or what I'd like to be. The process of making these works opened my eyes to previously overlooked cues I somehow chose to ignore. This journey of self-discovery taught me that the tragic turns in our lives, when looked at properly, provide valuable lessons and personal strength. The Being Set Free series recently received acclaim as a finalist in the renowned Julia Margaret Cameron Awards and will be represented in the Foto Biennale exhibition in Barcelona in October of 2017.


costello childs gallery to represent my work in Arizona

Costello Childs.jpg

Humbled to see my work hanging at Costello Childs Contemporary Gallery, a well reputed and established gallery with a combined 40 year experience in the art business. Their selection encompasses a diversity of contemporary styles/mediums including abstract, landscape, ceramic, photography, printmaking, etc. Costello Childs has worked with many experienced collectors as well as first time buyers. Dedicated to serving both their collectors and their artists, Costello Childs is the perfect home in Arizona for my work!

Visit the gallery at 2724 N. 68th Street, Suite 1, Scottsdale, AZ 85257


supporting the arts in arizona

From left: Robert Uribe, Jenea Sanchez (Galiano's Cafe), and Tom Wilson (AZ Citizens for the Arts)

From left: Robert Uribe, Jenea Sanchez (Galiano's Cafe), and Tom Wilson (AZ Citizens for the Arts)

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time." Thomas Merton  The 36th Annual Governor's Arts Awards recognizes individuals, arts and cultural organizations, educators and businesses for their devotion to the excellence of Arizona arts and cultural community. The honorees selected are presented with an original piece of art for their efforts. It was rewarding to present "No I Will Not Do Your Nails" to the winner in the small business category to Galiano's Cafe! The Douglas establishment is more than a cafe; it has been central to the revialization of it's community.


art and artist working together

What Matters.jpg

Lost really has two desparate meanings. Losing things is about the familiar falling away; getting lost is about the unfamiliar appearing." Rebecca Solnit  As an artist, I realize the importance of losing myself and becoming fully immersed ... so much so that time slows, intuition takes over, and the inner critic disappears. It begins from a desire to be creating and entering into a dialog between my work and myself. While I'm making intentional marks, the results are often unexpected and I'm forced to respond accordingly, so each action is taking a risk, a speculative step toward an unknown destination. If I knew exactly where the journey would end, I likely wouldn't begin at all. My passion lives in that place where the art takes on a life of it's own and my relationship with the piece defines the destination.


Mira Mobile Prize

MIRA Grid.jpg

The fourth annual Mira Mobile Prize whose theme was "Earth - our planet" received more than 5,000 international entries creating a near impossible task for the eight distinguished jurors to narrow the grouping to a mere 50 images for the Shortlist. I was honored to find "Seeing The Forest Through The Trees" among this select group.

Heartfelt thanks fo Manuela Matos Monteiro and Joao Lafuente whose vision created the fabulous Mira venues, and this annual competition to cull the best of mobile art. I also want to recognize the jury members who didicate themselves to this and so many other opportunities for mobile artists: Aldo Pacheco, Andrea Bigiarini, Cadu Lemos, Gina Costa, Joanne Carter, Jose Miguel, Lee Atwell, and Michael Jones. The Mira Mobile prize exhibition will be held at the Mira Forum Gallery at Miraflor Street 155, Porto, Portugal from April 1 to May 13, 2017.



WEBSITE Eternal 22.jpg

   This piece is the most recent addition to my Eternal series which grew from my heightened awareness and reluctance to accept the transitory nature of life. On one end of the spectrum, I watch my children grow and leave home one by one. On the other, I see my parents gradually losing the ability to do things they once enjoyed. I struggle with these changes wishing them to remain frozen at specific points. I know that I'm not alone, we're called the "sandwich generation".
     In Eternal, I'm freezing living things, in this case, flowers. This work explores the conflicting nature of trying to hold onto the transient. It represents the contradictions inherent in attempting to preserve ephemeral moments, often with unexpected intrigue that unfolds naturally. By freely abandoning myself to indulge in the fantasy of freezing moments, I provide you the seldom-gained experience of viewing the transitory as eternal.