I moved a lot growing up, so people came in and out of my life with regularity making me a master at avoiding attachments to people or places. Adulthood brought stability that has allowed me to experience the richness of deeper relationships – relationships that go beyond selfies and airbrushing. I’ve found our faces reveal bits and pieces of everything that has come before. There is no single occurrence or incident that defines us but an unconscious combination that reinterprets all we’ve gathered. We journey through life gathering bits and pieces that for some unknown reason, resonate within. Memories, feelings, phrases, colors, textures, shapes, songs, and even other people - they all leave their marks and lurk in the recesses of our minds. We have little control of the memories that stick or when they will resurface.

In Remnants, I begin with a photographic portrait or self-portrait and incorporate techniques from photography, painting, drawing and collage to extensively layer my compositions. Using mobile applications as my medium, I explore our inherent complexities through juxtaposed imagery that may seem as random as a memory that lingers. Only remnants of additional images are exposed suggesting those subliminal imprints, and how they reemerge unexpectedly.

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Lose Yourself

The Water's Fine